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The decision to hire a personal injury lawyer is about one thing above anything else: Maximizing the value of your case. At RMD Law we have a proven track record of doing exactly that. We encourage you to browse our case results below to get a sense of what we’re capable of. As soon as you’re ready to talk to a RMD Law attorney about maximizing the value of your case, we’ll be here to help.

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  • Aria Miran, Esq.

    Since being admitted to the California Bar in 2012, Aria Miran has successfully and aggressively settled hundreds of personal injury claims. Aria is an expert in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, and slip & falls.

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    Aria Miran, Esq.
  • Nicole Dolle, ESQ.

    Nicole Dolle has dedicated 100% of her practice to handling personal injury cases since she graduated from Chapman University Fowler School of Law in 2013. Nicole specializes in helping clients who have suffered severe bodily harm, including bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and permanent scarring and disfigurement.

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    Nicole Dolle, ESQ.
  • John Rajaee, Esq.

    John Rajaee was admitted to the California Bar in 2008, and before he was an accident attorney, he began his career working as a defense lawyer representing large corporations.

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    John Rajaee, Esq.
  • $2Million

    Wrongful Death

    Parking lot accident involving personal injuries and wrongful death.

  • $74Million +


    Our dedicated injury lawyers are eager to start fighting for you.

  • $2.22Million

    Orange County Trial Verdict

    We obtained the 15th highest verdict in California in 2020 )(2nd highest in OC). Our client was rear-ended by a police officer.

  • $1.25Million

    Brain Injury

    $1.25 million settlement in an auto vs pedestrian case involving a minor child.

  • $1Million

    Premises Liability

    $1 million settlement on behalf of our client who suffered a permanent brain injury in a premises liability case.

  • $1Million Global

    Lamborghini Accident

    A Lamborghini traveling over 100 MPH lost control and hit our client resulting in a broken collarbone. This result was one of the top 50 car accident awards in California in 2020.

  • $1Million

    Staircase Trip and Fall Accident

    Our client fell down a friend’s staircase. She suffered brain damage and was in a coma for several weeks. RMD Law discovered that the staircase did not comply with the building code. Insurance paid our client the million dollar policy limits to avoid trial.

  • $500Thousand

    Dog Bite

    Our client was attacked by 2 unsupervised dogs and sustained a serious leg injury.

  • $600Thousand

    Personal Injury

    Minor child injured due to defective playground slide.

  • $350Thousand

    Premises Liability

    Premise liability involving a golf cart accident.

  • $425Thousand

    Auto v. Pedestrian Accident

    An out-of-control car spun out and pinned our client against another car resulting in leg injuries.

  • $305Thousand

    Auto T-bone

    Our SUV was t-boned in an intersection causing a rollover. Our client hit his head on the roof of the vehicle.

  • $500Thousand

    Auto Accident

    Brain injury to our client who was a passenger. He had amnesia after the incident, so defendant driver tried to blame him to avoid a DUI. RMD investigated and quickly proved the defendant lied. Instant policy limits settlement.

  • $425Thousand

    Auto Vs Pedestrian

    A rideshare driver ran over our five-year-old client's foot. He needed surgery for a fracture.

  • $500Thousand

    Auto Accident

    Defendant exited a driveway illegally, hurting our client and his mother. We successfully worked to expedite the trial for our elderly client.

  • $300Thousand

    Road Rage Incident

    Defendant followed our client off a freeway exit ramp, eventually rear-ending her, then tried to blame it on the plaintiff. RMD filed the lawsuit and won the case.

  • $3Million

    Insurance Code Violation

    RMD Law found an insurance code violation by the defense insurance company in a car accident case. With smart lawyering, we used the violation to argue that the $100,000 policy limits no longer applied. We settled the case for over 30x the policy limit.